Why I’m refusing to announce that I got a new house – DJ Tolanibaj

Tolani Shobajo

Tolani Shobajo, a Big Brother Naija contestant and DJ known by her stage name Tolanibaj, has revealed why she has been keeping quiet about getting a new house for herself.

This came to light when her followers asked her during a question-and-answer session why she wouldn't share the good news.

I know you don't want to brag, but please BAJ, they wrote. Create a blog about your new home.

She was invited to include the house in a blog post or YouTube video by another follower, but she declined because she didn't want it made public.

According to Tolanibaj, people gain fresh insights on life as they become older, which is why she feels the need to protect her advantages.

The disc jockey asserted that she is okay with posting on occasion rather than every day.

Written by Tolanibaj;

"We'll see, but as I age, I've learned to guard my blessings. There are sufficient subtle posts already here and there.

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