Newly married couple go viral over their low-budget wedding photos



A newly married couple has caused quite a stir on social media after photos of their simple, low budget wedding ceremony went viral.

The newlyweds, who are from a French African country, held their church wedding in a simple setting without the glitz and glamour typical of most weddings.

In the trending photos, the bride and groom ditched the traditional wedding attire of a gown and suit and instead donned matching T-shirts with their pictures embossed on them.


They also had very few guests at the venue where they exchanged their wedding vows and sealed their union with a kiss.

See more photos below,


The pictures have gotten people talking online, with many lauding the couple for not succumbing to the pressure of holding an expensive wedding.

@oluwaremi70 wrote, “I am happy for them. They shouldn’t do more than themselves. When they are blessed they can renew their vow.”

@Davidsonteekay wrote, “God when?

This is very simple and straightforward wedding.

No stress

No loan

Sweet wedding 💐.

But such ladies are scarce, not every lady will agree to this kind of wedding

But to me this is the best 🙂

Few witnesses is a goal.”

@beautifulada5 wrote, “I’m always been a fan of low expense wedding

Just pay brideprice

Court wedding and probably some fancy reception with friends but as for dressing

I gats look my best for myself.

Happy married life to them”

@diamondboy55_ wrote, “This is much much better than inviting ungrateful people who will still talk down at your event that they weren’t served food and drinks and still go ahead to make fun of your spouse, while you languish in the debt you accumulated just to fund a lavish wedding.”

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