“I no know say she dey do hookup” – Man cancels wedding as he discovers his fiancée sleeps with men for money

Nigerian man

A Nigerian man was so heartbroken after playing a ‘loyalty test prank‘ on his fiancee whom he already planned to wed soon.

The young man asked a friend to send messages to his girlfriend and try to lure her into sleeping with him.

During their conversation, his girlfriend was told to do hookup for a large amount of money which she immediately accepted.

Unfortunately, the man whom she was supposed to meet at the hotel, happened to be her fiance. She quickly went on her knees pleading for forgiveness.

In her fiancé’s words

In her fiancé’s words:

“This girl in question is someone I intend getting married to. In fact, out traditional marriage was set for Easter.

“E shock me oh as you forwarded the screenshot of your conversation. I no know say the girl dey do hook-up. But all the same I no wan talk much”

The video was captioned:

“She lost her traditional marriage because of hookup watch (loyalty prank test).”

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