Hold Davido responsible if anything happens to my daughter - Sina Rambo's mother in-law cries out.

Sina Rambo

In a private chart leaked online, captured the moment davido was seen blasting korth Adekeke for dragging chioma into a leaked fight with Sina Rambo.

Korth Adeleke was questioned by Davido over her mentioning chioma and why she would bring up chioma dead's chat in her fight troll. Davido also promised to deal with her.

Raising alarm, Korth's mirger has took to social media to called the attention of the general public over the threat made by davido to her daughter.

“I want the whole world to know that if anything happens to my daughter, Davido Adeleke should be held responsible as he has threatened to deal with her. 

My daughter is a German citizen by birth and nationality and I am tagging everybody including the bloggers to come out and present proof that my daughter Heidi insulted or called Chioma out directly.

Tagging several bloggers, she further wrote,

“I have so many threat messages to my daughter which we have ignored over a couple of days but this time we are not ignoring this. As a mother this time I am NOT ignoring any threat to my daughter. I want the whole world to see this. We have had enough and nobody will take my silence for granted

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