Beauty Treatments Tips to Try this 2023

Beauty treatments

Beauty treatments as been one of the most sort out treatment in the beauty industry.

In 2023 it has been predicted that the rate at which beauty treatments will be sort out for will be more, due to current trends in the fashion and beauty industry.

Skin treatments continue to grow in demands as most of the procedures is moving forward for a more natural look. Most individuals are sourcing for information on how to enhance their look and become more younger and healthier.

No matter the thought and beliefs that has been floating around, when it comes to beauty and wellness, they are alot of formula to lean on, this is due to the constant beauty products that are been released everyday.

After much research luckynaija Media was able to come up with some few Beauty tips.


Skincare’s ‘must have’ products which most of us are opting to use, are concentrated around formulas with vegan, organic and ‘clean’ ingredients.

These types of products tend to last longer and leave our skin with a really healthy glow.

Chebula is a new mainstream ingredient in skincare. Although it has been around in Indian medicine for years due to its healing properties.

It is a fruit extract that is detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and regenerating. It also helps to treat fine lines and dry skin. While improving elasticity and skin firmness and restoring the skin’s natural glow.

Facials Treatment

A new facial that is boasting the plumper, dewy look is the ‘Glass Facial’.

This is a cutting-edge beauty treatment which involves micro injections of Hyaluronic Acid with a microdose toxin. It is designed to leave the skin feeling smoother and plumper while reducing pore size.

It also tightens the skin and gives it a glowing effect which powerfully rejuvenates and hydrates its properties.

Skin Boosters

This treatment focuses on revitalising the skin with a progressive approach to improve its texture and appearance and slow down the ageing process from within.

HYAcorp Fine is a hyaluronic acid face filler formulated to hydrate, rejuvenate and smoothen your skin. It will give you a lifting effect and glowing skin, as well as complement other facial treatments.

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