At SS2 and SS3 i was still bed wetting - Nollywood Actress Bimbo Ademoye recalls childhood experiences.


Bimbo Ademoye

Nollywood Actress Bimbo Ademoye recalls her childhood experiences and how she was still bed wetting in her secondary school days.

Bimbo who revealed how this affected her due to her low self esteem while she was growing up.

She recounted her experiences while growing up and how she was still bedwetting in secondary school.

She also revealed more on how she made her debut into the nollywood industry that

 her first salary was N12,500.

The actress who revaealed this, during an interview section with YouTuber Hawa Magaji, stating that she was informed thta she will be made 6months after shooting, which led her dad to sponsore her budget of N50k while shooting the movie.

In her words:

“If I’m in a room with more than 10 people, I start to have an anxiety attack. I think my social anxiety came from having low self-esteem issues growing up, and not being with my parents. I grew up with this thought in my head that nobody wanted to be around me.

“I don’t really like human beings because I feel like they are full of shit based on my experience. Most times I love to be by myself. I’d rather not deal with the hurt that people tend to bring. I’d rather just be on my own and just be around the few people that I’ve given access to me.

“I’m still dealing with that even at this stage. That’s why I’m very close to my dad because [he] was very big on helping me with that. I wet the bed for a long time. I’m talking about SS2 and SS3. My dad laughed it off.

“My first ever acting gig, they told me they were going to pay me N12,500 and they were going to pay me six months after shooting. My dad paid for my shooting budget of N50,000 during the shoot.”

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