Follow Me": Nigerian Lady Tells Okada Man to Sleep with Her, He Tears Her Note & Rejects, Video Goes Viral

Nigerian Lady

Social media users have praised an okada man for demonstrating that there are still good men out there. 

The okada man had been contacted by a Nigerian jokester who handed him a note telling him to follow her if he wanted to have a sexual encounter with her. 

The man read the note and tore it, refusing the stranger's plea while she stood and watched.

Following the failure of her attempted sexual prank on an okada man, a Nigerian woman has acknowledged that not all men are trash. In a TikTok video, a woman observed an okada man, approached him, and gave him a message.

To the surprise of the lady, the okada man just read it, tore the paper, and continued with his work.

She was disappointed after standing back and waiting to see his response.

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