Wife shocks husband with 7-month pregnancy in video: "He didn't know?"

Ghanaian lady

People are discussing about a video of a woman surprise her husband with her seven-month pregnancy after he had been abroad for a long.

In the viral video, the man tightly embraced the woman after she jumped in front of him from behind.

Many TikTokers who viewed the video were perplexed, with some wondering why the husband was unaware of the pregnancy.

A young man recorded the moment his wife unexpectedly revealed to him that she was seven months pregnant as they hugged at the airport.

In the video, which was posted a few weeks ago, the woman with the large baby belly stood with her child while she awaited her husband's arrival.

Surprised to learn of 7-month pregnancy

She and her child hid behind a wall as she saw the man was getting close to them.

She moved forward and jumped into his arms as soon as he came into view. The man was genuinely taken aback. He claimed to be there in the hopes of picking up his wife's acquaintance.

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