Viral Video: Drama as man allegedly discovers on his wedding day that his wife-to-be has four kids with another man (Video)

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When a groom learned on the day of his wedding that his bride already had four children with another man, what was supposed to be a day of joy and celebration quickly descended into chaos.

In a currently popular TikTok video, the bride is seen following her upset and sobbing husband, who had rushed out of their wedding location after the stunning revelation.

Even though the social media user who posted the tale online left out the facts of how the groom discovered that his fiancée was a mother of four, he was overheard saying to guests who tried to calm him down, She didn’t tell me, she already has four kids.”

The panic-stricken bride, not sure what her husband’s final decision would be, was on her knees the entire time, pleading with her husband for forgiveness.

I’m finished, oh, forgive me,” she said, her voice breaking.

Watch video below,

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