Video of Stylist Using Math Rulers to Dye Hair Cracks Peeps Up: "When Engineering Student Starts Side Hustle"


A trending video of a man getting his hair dye by a stylist has left many internet users buzzing with reactions

In the video reported by comic blogger @Krakshg, the hairstylist is seen using triangular math rulers to get the dye in.

Many people who saw the video have taken to the comment section to share their funny thoughts

When it comes to people taking pride in their line of work, it appears there are those who sometimes tend to go overboard in terms of professionalism.

In the now-trending video, a man in seen getting his hair dyed by a stylist. However, the stylist doesn't do things the regular way as he is seen using a triangular math ruler to get the dye in neatly, giving the client sharp sideburns. 

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