“Sell The Ring” – Single Mother In Tears As She Shares Chats With Lover Who Cancelled Engagement(Video)

Single Mother

A girl Identified as beauty love on tiktok has revealed how her man abandoned her after proposing to her.

In the touching video, she showed netizens the conversation between her and her lover.

She tried to ask him his reason for calling off the relationship but he didn’t give any instead he said, “I gave you ring because I wanted to and now, I don’t want to anymore.”

He added:

“Favour go and sell the ring. Use it to take care of your daughter. Like I said, I have moved on. I don’t need you anymore so move on as well. I gave you a ring because I wanted to and now I’m done”.

Netizens sympathized with her in the comments and encouraged her to gather herself together and move on.

See video here:

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