Lady gushes over Keke rider, saying, "I don fall in love again, and e dey carry go where I no know.

young woman

A young woman who was being driven to the hospital by a tricycle recorded a video of herself praising the driver, joking that he was too attractive to be a keke man.

The woman who went by the handle @wealthivin claimed that she had fell for the truck driver because he was "attractive."

On her TikTok, she posted the video and stated:

"And on my way to the hospital, I ran into this cute guy. Too adorable to be a Keke guy, he is. Ah don fall in love once more, o. E dey carry me to places I'm not familiar with.

View some of the various responses from online users to the video below:

GeneralDaniel wrote, “Talk to him and put a smile on his face. Then that way you can get to know more about him. It’s nothing to be shy about. Who knows.”

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