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As he chats with a close buddy who had relationships with his three ex-wives, a man explains why he doesn't trust women.

Following his painful experience with three of his ex-girlfriends, a Nigerian man has revealed why he can never trust a woman.

This was stated by a Twitter user going by the handle @Bigstiff1994, who also described how his close friend had undistracted relationships with his three ex-girlfriends.

He showed his close friend screenshots of their discussion in which he described how he had bedded three of his ex-girlfriends without spending a dollar on them.

The friend claimed in the discussion that he slept with the first ex because, after hearing her scream loudly while having sex with him "@bigstiff," he made it his mission to taste her flesh as well.

Regarding the second ex, "Berry," he claimed that in an effort to comfort her after a tragedy, he enticed her to his place and had a sexual encounter with her there.

The friend claimed that for the third ex, whose name was supplied as "Jennifer," he got in touch with her via Facebook and they started corresponding and exchanging nude photos. They physically met and had coitus a year later.

The females in question knew he was his close buddy, and the Twitter user said he was devastated by his pal's admission.

Posted by @Bigstiff1994

"When people enquire as to why I behave in such a manner and don't trust anyone or ladies in particular, this is the reason. All of my exs were simple prey for my homeboy to screw. Very simple, and he boasted that Omo I had almost gone insane.

So please feel sorry for me when I confess that I don't know how to trust anyone besides my mother. My ptsd messes with me all the time.

Everything on earth has literally been my experience, thus there is nothing I cannot connect to.

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