Adorably Baby Girl Plays Makoti for Dad, Expecting KFC in Return, Gets Tricked: Cute Clip Has SA in Stitches


To obtain some of the KFC she believed her father had, a little girl treated her father as though he were her husband.

There was no KFC when Twitter user @Eminitybaba_ tweeted the adorable video of a baby girl being played by her father.

Despite the fact that the video was amusing, many viewers sympathized with the young girl as she struggled to obtain the chicken.

Kids are more intelligent than we realize. In the name of KFC, one little Miss performed the ideal makoti for her father. Many Mzansi folks were inconsolable with laughter after seeing the lovely clip.

Every parent is aware when their child is acting too well that they are up to something. This father defeated his daughter by playing to her strengths.

A heartbreaking video posted by Twitter user @Eminitybaba_ shows a young child removing her father's shoes, wiping windows, and even offering him juice in order to receive some KFC.

When the sweet daughter opened the empty KFC bucket that the father had filled with groceries, she was startled. Little sister returned with her juice, which is funny.

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