stylethegirl fashion and lifestyle blog

stylethegirl fashion and lifestyle blog

Stylethegirl fashion and lifestyle blog is all about the fashion and lifestyle of every female who wants to bring out the beauty in them. Every girl has her own sense of fashion which makes them unique in her own ways. 

In these articles we will be discussing how to find your style and fit into fashion as a female, What is Stylethegirl fashion and lifestyle blog, why should girls care about their lifestyle, and a lot more.


In other to be a good fashion star there are some basic things you can do to improve your fashion and lifestyle skills, which include a sense of fashion, and style insider. A good fashion star makes research about fashion, which ranges from learning from top fashion stylists, and models and building an educative personal lifestyle. To become a good fashion star may seem very difficult at first, but with the help of fashion magazines life, Elle, W, and Harpers, Vogue offers the best fashion tips and tutorials written by some professional and top stylists in the fashion industry. In Addition, a lot of blog outlets offer valuable fashion content and tips, with valuable style advice.

What is Style the Girl Fashion and Lifestyle Blog?

Stylethegirl fashion and lifestyle blog is a blog that is all about fashion and lifestyle. this blog discusses fashion tips, beauty, and travel. It was a blog created for women's fashion, to aid in fashion tips, advice, and style ideas. This blog focuses on Styles of affordable and easy-to-wear clothes. It ranges from clothes, shoes, and accessories. The Blog is based in Huston.

stylethegirl fashion and lifestyle blog

How to Find your style.

At first, discovering your style can be difficult, but with a few tips you can bring out those style qualities in you. As an individual they lots of fashion and styles out there but there is a particular style that keeps attracting you, there is a particular dress code you always like putting on and you always feel good about it. the following are some means you can apply to bring out your own style.

1. Get a Note, write down the list of every style and color that you seems to be attracted to.

2. list out some of the dress codes you always love to put on, dress codes you really admire

3. Search or look for a top celebrity stylist and fashionista that goes with the above list.

4. Study those top stylists and fashion stars careful.

5. Make a research on those styles and colors you are attracted to. example ( you can search for styles on Google, Facebook, and Pinterest)

6. start putting those things you've learned into practice.

Note: it's also important to take note of your environment and the climate of where you live.

Why Care About your Style As a Girl?

Most girls have been a victim of fashion, girls are always judged by their looks. Be it school, place of work, or on the street. The word 'Style' has always been focused on or associated with those girls that are well polished and rich. But what if 'style' is more inclusive?  what if every girl can have her own style regardless of their size, body type, or their look? the following are some advantages of caring about your style as a girl.

1. It brings confidence, it makes you  more confident about yourself

2. It brings opportunities (job opportunities) every company will love to employ a smart-looking lady.

3. It makes you stand out in the crowd.

4. It creates a sense of personal branding..(developing your own style)

5. it boosts your self-esteem

6. it also attracts personalities to you. A lady with a good sense of style attracts individuals ( everyone looks up to her for style tips and advice).

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Style the girl is very important because it gives the first impression a person has for you. Their a lot of fashion blogs, youtube videos, and social media pages dedicated to fashion tips, feel free to visit any of them to build your own style.

Life Style Of a Girl

The lifestyle of a female also plays an important role in her choice of style, it also plays an important role in the king of individuals that will be attracted to her.

stylethegirl fashion and lifestyle blog

It's important as a lady to always emulate the lifestyle of a model you love, but once you notice it doesn't fit your brand or your personality then you have to let go of that lifestyle else it might hurt your life.

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A lot of Girls have been harassed and bullied because of the type of lifestyle they choose, so you must be very careful while choosing the kind of lifestyle you wants to start practicing.

Tips of Choosing a Lifestyle a Female.

Choosing a Lifestyle is very important as it brings out the uniqueness in you. the following are some tips you can put into consideration while choosing a lifestyle.

1. Your Environment: Study Your environment, and does it suits your lifestyle?

2. Climate: What is the climate condition in your area? These play an important role in your lifestyle (example: those living in ice areas or "very cold areas" always put on winter Jackets)

3.) Ask yourself a Question " Why am choosing This Kind of lifestyle".


Style the girl fashion and lifestyle blog brings out the beauty and style of every female, it provides tips on fashion, styles, and travels. It's important as a female to always have a sense of fashion as this brings out the beauty in you. Being able to create your style does not necessarily involve huge capital, it all falls back on how you brand yourself, how you present yourself before others, your choice of color, and your dress code, these create impression on your personality. Just be yourself, look smart and add a little style to your mode of dressing.

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