How to Become a Celebrity

How to Become a Celebrity

How to become a celebrity has been one of the major concern of so many people, been a celebrity gives you more value in the society we are currently in, it comes with respect, love and also hate.

As an individual you are already a celebrity, you where born to be celebrated, the truth is most individuals dont know how build theirselves up, in other to become someone to be celebrated.

A celebrity is an individual who is celebrated in the society, they are individuals thats stands out as role models the individuals in the society, most Celebrities are been measure by their wealth and influence in the society, so are been measured by the talent and success in the society. Celebrities are Public Figures, They are individuals that are been accord with respect in the society.

In this article will point out some Tip on How to become a Celebrity.

Been a celebrity also comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Before thinking or planning to become a public figure or a celebrity they are certain things that must be considered. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of been a celebrity


1.) Its opens up opportunities for you

Being a celebrity with a urge fan base boost your personality in the society, its boost your influence in the society, thereby attracting opportunities to you. Every brand wants to make you his or her brand influencer just to promote their products, Every institution wants to make you an ambassador just to gain access to your huge fan base.

2.) Role model 

As a celebrity you are automatically a role model to so many individuals in the society,  every individual wants to be like you, they always look for means how to partake in your own lifestyle.

3.) Loved by the society

As a celebrity, you are automatically loved by your fans, which opens more benefits to your personality, we've seen in recent case where fans throw suprise parties for their favourite celebrities, some even go to the extent of  buying gifts worth millions of thousand.

4.) Support from the Society

As a celebrity you are been supporting by your fans, even to some large extent of the  society, we've seen cases where fans do setup go fund me account for their favourite celebrities just to fund their projects or to support them when they are heal..

They are alot of advantages but few to mention, now we will quickly look out some of the disadvantages of been a celebrity.

How to Become a Celebrity

Disadvantages of Been a Celebrity.

1.) Bullied

. you are always bullied by fans from your rival, As a celebrity mr B Fans might not be happy with your progress thus they look for possible means to put you down, not everyone knows how to handle cases of bullying, thus can lead to emotional trauma, it can also lead to psychological factors e.g trying to off social media. 

Cases of self murder has also been recorded in relations to online bullies. Thus must handle with care in other not to go into depression.

2.) Hackers

Hackers are cyberspace threats that invade privacy of individuals without the prior notice of the individual, steals informations, destroy data's and stands as a threats to the cyberspace. Most Celebrities are victims of hackers due to their huge fan base. 

When your fan base is huge, it becomes a target for hackers. Most social media platform always provides additional security to cocktail hackers from ganing as to their platform...

3.) Your Safety

High profile individuals don't move without security, this is because their safety is at stake, not everybody likes them. This is one of the major reasons why security officials goes with them anywhere..

Having list out some of the advantages and disadvantages of been a celebrity now lets check out some of the possible ways ine can become a celebrity..

How to to become a Celebrity

Below are 4 possible ways that can boost your celebrity status..

1.) Having an Audience  

You need a fan base, get a huge fan base is not that easy but with time and money you can actually achieve that.. Having a fan base will automatically boost your social presence, This automatically makes you  a relevant topic mostly on social media, people wants to know more about you and your brand...

How to create a Fan base.

✓ Create a social media profile or page for your brand, through this medium you can always show case your latest trends and also pass informations regarding your brand. you create a Facebook page, group, Instagram page, LinkedIn profile, twitter page, Pinterest e.t.c

✓ don't take anyone for granted, your fans are your asset an as much learn to give them some of your attentions, learn to interact with them, ask them for reviews.

✓ Learn to flow with the latest trends, learn to update yourself, your fans or audience needs the latest updates and happenings around you and your brand.

✓ Follow top celebrities and brands related to your own brand, always learn to drop comments and reviews on those brand

✓ promote your profile or page. Learn to promote your profile or page.

Either using Brand influencers related to your brand or through Facebook marketing e.g promoting it using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, twitter ads.

✓ Look good always - Always learn to look good always, thus been fashionable. This can also attract more people to your brand.

✓ Run live videos on social media, carryout give-away to your fans, your fans should also benefit from you financially or emotionally.

✓ drop reviews on the latest trends. Trending topics related to your brand can also attract fans to you, when they noticed you are always dropping reviews..

They are alot of ways to become a celebrity, my own way might be different from yours.

Please drop your suggestions and feedback on the comments section 

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